BROS before HOES! That’s what I always heard the boys say! lol
So for like…1000+ days now my beautiful husband and I have been really trying to get our health under control! So we like to go to the gym with our bestest friend Ken Macys!
The other day I heard a conversation between them that went like this:
Mike: Ey man, what do you want to work out today?
Ken: I don’t care, Whatever you want.
Mike: OK, let’s do the 30 minute cardio circuit!
Ken: Dude, we can do that anytime, let’s do something else!
Mike: you’re worse than a GIRL! **imitating man’s voice** “what do you want to eat” ***Girl’s voice***” Whatever you want”
Whoever said girls were the indecisive ones obviously didn’t have a BEST FRIEND!


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