Trip to New York!


My husband and I recently took a spontaneous trip to my childhood home in the state of NEW YORK! I planned it with 7 days of anticipation! The excitement was too much! Mike had never been to New York City in his life, so you can imagine how anxious I was to introduce him to the City life! Tall buildings, the new World Trade Center! White Castle! Etc.

BUT! before we could get to New York we had to catch the flight first! It all started with his family telling him that he needed to prepare for snow and cold freezing weather! I nicely explained to my baby daddy that it wouldn’t be that cold and all we needed were warm shirts, jackets and gloves! DASSIT! So, of course he went through our “Winter” clothes which we hadn’t even begun to wear yet with our warm Florida weather! There were clothes from last Christmas that still had tags on them!

We got to the airport and went through security, when all of a sudden TSA stops him! OK, so immediately I start thinking, “There is no way WE are being stopped NOW!!!!!!” our flight would be boarding in the next 5 minutes!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows how high strung I can be, so I asked Mr. TSA what the issue was, peeked at the screen and realized Mike had entered the airport with “something”.

My baby daddy neglected to search his belongings of any contraband!!! He was stopped because he not only had one, but TWO knives on him!!!! Remember the story of the knives when I thought there was someone in the house? yeah, Mike loves his knives! I had no idea how much until he asked TSA member ” Jose De La Cruz Mariposa Gonzalez” the cost to ship the knives back to our home! Mind you, Michael and I live exactly 3.5 Miles from the airport!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! So Mr. TSA advised us that it would cost $18.79 and it would arrive in 2 weeks!

Needless to say I was PISSED! 2 weeks and $18.79? UGH! we live down the street! That was the beginning of out trip!


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