I will never forget watching this movie for the first time! I wasn’t able to sleep with the lights off, go use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but the absolute worst was turning off the kitchen light before going to bed and having to walk all 6 feet from the kitchen to my room, that was ETERNAL!!!! This story has nothing to do with Samara (the little crazy girl from The Ring)! This story is about my first piercing!

just click for source I will never forget the generous gift my friends Rocky and Sophia gave me 9 Christmas’ ago. It was the year of my “Wild child, I’m 18 now Beatriz and Jorge Febo” Days!!!! My friends were very much different than I in many ways, they were All American and I was Amish! I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair, dye it, have any piercings, listen to music outside of the Contemporary Christian realm and all this was instilled in me and I just wanted to feel “Normal”, whatever that means.

read more December 2004 was the year Rocky and Sophia wanted me to get my first piercing. I didn’t really care for piercings but since I could legally do things without my parent’s consent, I let my beloved friends convince me to get a piercing.  I remember “logically” planning it with them, I couldn’t get it in my ears cause my parents and the pastor would see them, I couldn’t get it on my belly button cause, well, I was fat, so I got it where no one would ever see it unless I showed them!!!!!

My first piercing was on my tongue and I got it the day before the church’s Christmas play! I remember thinking “OH MY LORD, I DID IT”! The first day I was all excited thinking I was a big deal! I remember the instructions of not eating certain foods and making sure I took good oral care because food could cause infection since it was in my mouth. I remember having a sort of lisp and trying to eat and talk to my parents without the piercing being obvious click.

The following morning I woke up as usual and my sister was staring at me, (my sister and I shared a room all our lives until she got married and moved out, March 23, 2005) she asked me what was wrong with my mouth, I looked at her and panicked, my tongue was SWOLLEN!!!!! I have breathing problems and sleep with my mouth open, she told me she was watching me sleep and that I didn’t look well. I went to the bathroom, rinsed and took some anti-inflammatory medication and it went down. Later, that evening was the big event at church, the Christmas play, I was playing a lead role that year, I was playing a young girl who had run away from home (how appropriate) and I was trying to talk without showing the BLING in my mouth and having the hardest time getting through my lines because my heart was pounding in fear that someone would see the RING! I was so upset because I did a terrible job in the play; I was hardly audible due to my apprehensiveness and felt so guilty because I was hiding something.

article source I ended up taking it off a few weeks later; I had a mental chat with myself and decided that if I had to hide it, it wasn’t worth the trouble. My sanity was more important.


    • Ayy! Hahaha something like a rebel! Haha as you can see I was too scared to be a rebel! Haha. It’s the worst one only cause you have to talk! But it was such a silly phase. Xoxo thank you for always reading my blogs 😉 don’t forget: sharing is caring


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