Who dropped the soap? I didn’t drop the soap, but I did drop $1.90 on a 4 pack, this translates to roughly $.23 per bar. One may think this is a good deal, especially because I purchased it at a closeout store, but recently there was a STEAL of a deal! 3 bars of soap for 8 cents!!!! YES, you read this right! 8 cents! Which reminded me of why it was that I purchased the original 4 pack for $1.90 in the first place.

It all began 3 years ago when my roommates, (Mom and Dad) weren’t going to be making anymore purchases toward the home! They informed me that I would need to purchase toilet paper quarterly (every 4 months) and laundry detergent was no longer a shared resource in our home, so I started looking for ways to purchase all these products without having to worry about how much it would cost.

I have ALWAYS been very money conscious because I was taught at an early age the value of a dollar and how to administer my income wisely, but this was just REDICULOUS! It started on a regular day with a regular shower; I didn’t even spot check to make sure all my necessities were available. I jumped in and—-no soap? Surely this was a mistake! This being an isolated incident at the time, I ignored the inconvenience and improvised! Shampoo is soap right? Hmmmm, whatever, it is today!

I ignored the problem and carried on. The following day, forgot to spot check the shower and I went to lather up, ****NO SOAP?!?!?!?**** “Are people not taking showers around here??? What’s going on????” I wondered! This time I was NOT improvising! I was going to call Mother Nature!!!!!  So I called “MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the soap? I need soap”! She informed me there was no soap and if I needed soap, I would need to buy some. I was like a deer in head lights, JIGGA HUH? Need to buy soap? What? We have no soap? What!!!!!!? Why? OH LORD! So I used some body wash (which I hate cause body wash is NOT soap!) I have argued this one too many times, body wash is glorified lotion! I don’t feel clean with body wash! I need soap then I can use body wash, but in no way is body wash soap! Make your arguments later! SO! I finished with my shower and immediately went into my mother’s chambers.

“Why don’t we have soap? And why do I have to buy it”? Seriously, my parents are worse than congress, new laws every day without notice! They were trippin’ My mother told me that my father (who was very ill at the time and spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital) did not want to use bar soap, and ONLY wanted to use the soap provided by the hospital ( some white little bottle, body wash stuff). I said, “OK, what about you? US”!?  She said, “If your dad doesn’t want it, I won’t buy it”. This was the beginning of my first shopping days; I will never forget thinking about where I could get the best bang for my buck! I purchased my first bar of soap at SAVE-A-LOT for $.25 hahaha I still laugh of where I came from and where I am!


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