While in N.Y.C. there were like a million and one things that we HAD to do, as this was Michael’s FIRST TIME and we needed him to catch up! Among the billions of sights and the many Pizza slices we had to consume, his mother told us that she wanted him to bring her back COOCHIE from New York.
Immediately I was concerned. “COOCHIE”?!?!!? what in the world was this woman asking for? She had her own! So we requested clarification, “what do you want? and from whom”?! She said she had always wanted a “COOCHIE” and we needed to get her one! I asked her what a “COOCHIE” was, she said “You know, a purse”! OH BA-JESUS! “GUCCI”!!!!!!!? She said, yes!

So when I got to New York my cousin, Nissie and her most beautiful daughter, Angelique picked us up and we told them, “we NEED to go to China Town and we NEED to buy a “COOCHIE”!!!!
The following day we get to China Town and Mike experienced it in the flesh. We started walking down Canal Street anticipating the rush from the crowd! Ten Oriental ladies all lined up asking in 10 different languages “purse, carteras…watch…earrings” I was overwhelmed I can only imagine Mike.

Finally, we decided to go with one lady who proceeded to walk us about 2 blocks down to some secluded area and pull out a diagram. While there I was trying to strike a deal when all of a sudden I lose Mike! I tell the lady that I wasn’t interested and go in search for my “Baby Daddy”.

China Town 1
I found him talking to some man about some sun glasses! I asked the guy where his sun glasses were! He pointed and said “Hold on” Long and behold, he pops open a pizza box and in perfect packed rows —- SUN GLASSES GALORE! I was shocked and amused at the sight! Welcome to CHINA TOWN! We left with NOTHING, ironically enough.

China Town 2

China Town 3


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