Did she really do that? I went over to my sister’s house tonight to get my HURR did! Yes! It’s that kind of weather! My husband and I are there interacting with the grown folks and the girls, who I love and adore as my own are being the cutest little angels and not so angels!

I was talking with my cutest little Rose when she started telling me and LITERALLY re-enacting an incident she had when her little sister Ms. Joy (and when I say literally, this kid was making the crying noises, mimicking her mother, the whole nine! extremely entertaining, just like her Titi Carol!)

moments later Ms. Joy sticks her finger in her nose and proceeds to show me how she bleeds! (JIGGA HUH????!) I immediately call my sister and tell her she needs to handle her bleeding child! I look at my husband and we make the ” OH SNAP, GLAD SHE’S NOT OURS” face. hahaha

My sister handled the blood loss and everyone goes on their merry way, few minutes later, our little Joy comes back teary eyed, bleeding! I look at my sister to see her reaction and my brother in law goes to help alleviate his child’s bleeding. Moments later he calls out for assistance as the young 3 year old has somehow gotten something stuck in her nose. My sister frantically goes in search for tweezers and I tell my brother to have my niece BLOW! so she does, so here I am, sitting there, watching him and her both blow hard! and something shoots out! Kid you not, I thought it was cartilage!

I asked him to inspect the finding! somehow the child has put masking tape in her nose!!!! WHAT???? Oh GOOD LORD! I do not want to be dealing with this! I don’t care how much joy these little people bring! Kids are too much and I don’t want that now! I’m sitting there worried about my hair, while my sister and brother in law are worried  that their child has removed cartilage from her anatomy! hahaha, no she didn’t!!!!!!


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