I said, MORE COWBELL!!!!


There are rules in the Pentecostal church. First rule, you must play at least one instrument. Second rule, BOYS (usually) play, guitar, drums and keyboard while girls (usually) play, tambourine, carratcho or sticks. Though these rules are the primary, there are always exceptions to any rules. I played the cowbell.

I loved my cowbell! It was and continues to be beautiful! I remember the first day I received my cowbell! I was praying and all of a sudden I heard the “thump, thump, thump” of its hollow metal! My ears perked up and I got up like a meerkat and searched for its rhythm. When I finally spotted it, it was pure beauty to my eyes! It shined with its silky silvery body! I had to get my hands on it! It was meant to be!

I played my heart out with that cowbell! I played all kinds of combinations! Some I acquired from others and some I made up myself! I went HAM on this cowbell! It was just he and me in that audience of 20 people. I played so aggressively my stick started to break!

Finally the day came when I introduced my cowbell to Michael! We were having the usual “20 questions” discussion in my car and he asked me if I played any instruments because, when he was younger he had learned to play the violin! I excitedly said, “YES! Actually, it’s here in my car”! I grabbed it from the back seat and asked “Would you like to hear”? Let me just say, this man must have REALLY REALLY liked me! Anyone who has played or heard a cowbell knows that the inside of a car is NOT where you Show off your skills!!!!!!

I proceeded to play like Will Ferrell on the SNL skit! Mike’s eyes grew big and I thought he was impressed, when I finished my combo, triple lay out, with a mount, double twist and break! He smiled and said, “Maybe the car wasn’t the best place to show me your Nunchuck skills”? Turns out I nearly blew his ear with all the banging! Oh how I loved my cowbell!


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