Hairy Scary!


I am not frugal by nature, no, no. It was instilled in me, so it’s more like, nurture! Let us thank Jorge and Beatriz Febo for my money saving ways. There are few things in life I don’t like paying for: Water, fruits and salad! I feel that the earth gives us these wonderful nourishments and I don’t need to pay by the pound to consume them, but that’s a personal opinion. Let me tell you a story about my life in the Febo family home learn more here.

When I was about 11years old all my friends were shaving their legs. I wanted to be cool and shave too! Little did I know I would have all my years to worry about spring and summer. I remember asking my mother’s permission to shave my legs cause I didn’t have a razor, but Beatriz, the Queen B of the house said “NO!” she wasn’t exactly the nicest little thing either! My mother has this voice! She’s like dry ice, looks cool but don’t touch it!So, as a young adult I went around that law by taking my older sister’s razor see more.

Here are the events as I recall it: I snuck the razor to school (totally illegal!!!), displayed it for my friends and dry shaved my leg in the bathroom during our breaks! I wanted to make sure my legs were shaved! (I didn’t know what the purpose of shaving cream was at the time and I surely didn’t care)!  I only had enough time to do one leg that day. I shaved it best I could, I will never forget all the razor bumps and little spots of blood I had, my leg looked like it was having an allergic reaction! I remember getting home and showing my leg to my mother, she was so mad! She asked me how I got ahold of a razor and furthermore, when had I shaved my leg? She told me never to do it again! I asked her if I could finish my other leg. She said no and that would be my punishment.

A couple of years later when I was allowed to shave, she had a talk with me (which was really her informing me of the rules and regulations to shaving). She told me that shaving wasted too much water and that if I ever wanted to shave I would need to go outside with a bucket and fill it half way because this water would only be used for rinsing purposes. She additionally stated “there is no reason to dump the water until you are done shaving; this way we would save money on water and the hairs won’t clog the drain”, by the way, did I mention we have a well at my parent’s house?

As an adult, I hate having to show my legs because I hate shaving! My husband asked me once why I didn’t like to shave, I told him the story but he didn’t believe me. Honestly, I’m not a good story teller to make this stuff up check this out.



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